Pure water from Your water pipe.

"Expensive mineral waters...? Let the dog take it away!

shower water filter

The WT-70 Shower filter


Prevent skin problems caused by chloric, stinky water!

The KDF filled WT-70 removes 90-99% of chlorine from the water, prevents the skin from drying out, from pitting, from itching, and from allergic reactions.


A few words about the role of water in our life


Crystal clear drinking water. This is your first step for your Healthy life.Approximately 70% of our body is water; some organs ( e.g. our eyes and brain ) contain even more of this invaluable fluid. The amount of water greatly influences the vitality and balance of our cells. If the water content drops below 50% the cell dies. On the other hand if the normal amount of water is maintained and continuously refreshed the cells live longer and they also work better. Aging processes slow down and the natural regenerating and healing abilities of the body become stronger as it has been recognized by Dr. Alexis Carrel who received the Nobel Prize for these studies in 1992. By drinking enough water, we help toxic materials to leave our body easier, so we become healthier, fresher and more productive. There are cases when it is especially important for our body to receive a bigger amount of water. For instance on hot days, in a dry environment or when one does exercises because of the more intense sweating or when someone is on a diet ( due to the missing amount of water he/she would otherwise eat with the food which contains it ).

  In any case, however, there are two important requirements that good drinking water should always meet: it should contain minerals and trace elements the human body needs in the appropriate quantity and it should not contain any chemicals and organisms which can damage our health in any way. Water is a very good solvent and until we put it in our glass to drink it up, it may collect several undesired components such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, remnants of medicaments, heavy metal ions, biological micro and macro contaminants. Without sterilization, tap water would be undrinkable. The most commonly applied practice for the sterilization of tap water is the addition of chlorine, which kills all bacteria and living organisms. Unfortunately many byproducts are created when the aggressive chlorine chemically react with the different constituents of the tap water. Some of these byproducts cause the occasional characteristic chloric smell and taste of the water. But do we really need to drink all the remnants of neutralized and partially neutralized contaminants and chemical byproducts? The answer is fortunately: NO!

  Activated carbon is capable to bind almost all of the unwanted chemicals from the water. It acts as a filter and it is extremely efficient due to its enormously large free surface. During its production the activated carbon becomes very porous so that 1 gram can have up to 1000 m2 of free surface!


W-25 water purifier, filter. Pure quality water from Your water pipe.  The W-25 desktop water purifier contains activated carbon with silver and it cleans tap water right from the faucet.

The cleaning is done in more stages: first a fine mechanical filter removes the bigger floating particles then the silver content together with the activated carbon load fully sterilizes the water and filters out the remnants of the contaminants and chemicals.

At the same time useful and important minerals and trace elements will not be removed so the water regains its original natural good taste.

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WellVita Ganoderma Coffee - The Healthy Coffee

WellVita Ganoderma Coffee - The Healthy Coffee

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